Catfas V course, Ghent, Belgium

Between September 4th and 6th, Gent saw the fifth already Catfas course.

The objective of the course was to acquaint the participants with a clear overview of current concepts and remarks in the area of aesthetic surgery of the face. The innovations and ideas for aesthetic surgery of the face were presented and discussed by the most important world leaders in this regard – a unique and singular opportunity on the European scale.

The most important aspects of this year’s course were: 1. Current understanding of facial surgery.

1. Current understanding of facial surgery.

2. Engineering in anti-ageing surgery.

3. New trends in fat transplants of the face.

4. The present and the future of facial rejuvenation.

5. Modern concepts concerning open rhinoplasty.

6. Stem cells from fat.

The course lasted two and a half days, and was composed of two days of lectures and a half a day of a treatment transmitted live as 3D-Hd.

The main advantages of the course were live discussions and a lot of interaction with the lecturers. The Aesthetic Med clinic was represented by Dr Rami Alshekh.