Masterclass in advanced facial rejuvenation by Claude Lw Louarn, Paris

Face rejuvenation – advanced techniques. Chaired by Dr Claude Le Louarn and Dr Mario Pelle-Ceravolo.

The course was meant for plastic surgeons specialising in plastic surgery of the face, who want to undertake advanced techniques of surgical rejuvenation of the face, irrespective of whether they are experienced surgeons who want to improve their work or young doctors who would want to reduce the learning curve in terms of face lifting in a less stressing environment. The course taught, how to evaluate the patient well and how to pick the best rejuvenation techniques; how to decipher in every detail the details of the operation and the procedure should any possible complications emerge; it explained the alternative of non-surgical methods to amend surgical treatment in order to achieve the best results, it analysed the latest techniques with the use of fillers and the Botulinum toxin for better and faster regeneration of the ageing face.

Dr Claude Le Louarn spoke about the rules of ageing of the skin of the face and about its regeneration, how to use it in specific cases. He showed his new proprietary operation method to lift the upper third of the face. The concentric malar lift, lifting of the lips with the use of V-Y flaps, lift of the lower part of the face and neck – Hyo Neck lift – indications, execution, valuable remarks, complications, practical advice in case of discovery and treatment. Mario Pelle-Ceravolo showed and explained his precise method of lifting and shaping of the eyebrows, and primarily the method of suspending of the neck with the use of T-shaped muscle flaps.

The course was attended by Dr Andrzej Dmytrzak and Dr Rami Alshekh.