MBN 2016, Aesthetic Breast Meeting, Milan

Dr Maurizio Nava organized the MBN 2016 meeting dedicated to aesthetic surgery of breasts. The meeting took place on 01.12.-03.12. in Milan, Italy.

The idea behind this event was to organise a meeting concerning breast aesthetic surgery with the use of a pre-conference course as an introduction to the subject, with the conference taking place only afterwards. The discussed issues were: mastopexy, breast enlargement, fat transplantation in breast aesthetic surgery, breast reduction, breast implant surface, compromises and complications, late-emergence seroma, double capsulation, shifting, rotation and bursting of the implant. During the conference, video didactic sessions, discussion panels, debates on ALCL basic studies took place. The course and conference were attended by Dr Rami Alshekh, assistant to Dr Andrzej Dmytrzak.