Modern breast implant exchange operation carried out at Aesthetic Med

At Aesthetic Med, a team of surgeons, Dr Andrzej Dmytrzak and Dr Rami Alshekh, had carried out an innovative operation of replacement of breast implants and removal of the connective tissue pouch with the use of the Braxon membrane.

Braxon membranes are used for the purpose of breast reconstruction, but also for the protection of the implant against the emergence of the connective tissue pouch. As a result of the implantation of breast implants, additional tissue may be formed that surrounds the implants, causing the hardening of breast glands. The presence of a connective tissue pouch is an indication that it should be removed. In order to avoid its re-emergence, the implant is completely covered with a collagen membrane, and then implanted into a pouch prepared beforehand. Four-year clinical trials conducted until now show that the re-emergence of the pouch is impossible. The Braxon membrane is made out of a matrix of pork extracellular skin with a thickness of just 0.6 mm. The unique manufacturing process was designed with the achievement of completely natural coverage of the breast implant in mind, without the presence of any chemical substance. The patented shape allows one to fit the Braxon tightly around the implant, so that a uniform coat is created. The Braxon collagen matrices are manufactured by the Italian company DECOmed – a company with over 25 years of experience in the medical industry, with particular focus on surgery and implantology. In the last five years, the company has focused on reconstructive medicine and biotechnological collagen matrices. At the Aesthetic Med clinic, the company was represented by Mr Enrico Bertoli (product specialist at DECOmed). The company RESSAL s. c. is the exclusive Polish distributor for Italy’s DECOmed. The company is made up of Mr Marcin Kalęba and Mr Krystian Czartoryski, who represented the company at the clinic.