51st annual Baker Gordon plastic surgery symposium, Miami, United States

Innovation is a fusion of imagination and creative desire. Innovation in plastic surgery concerns the integration of the progress of scientific knowledge leading to technical progress.

Innovators in plastic surgery are those leading plastic surgeons, who desire a deeper understanding of anatomical and aesthetic considerations that one must master in order to generate improvements to the post-treatment shape and form.

If innovators develop themselves in terms of techniques and results, they frequently evolve to become teachers/ educators sharing their knowledge with their colleagues. At the 51st annual Gordon Baker plastic surgery symposium, several rising innovators were present who are heading traditional schools that are full of challenges. The topic of this year’s meeting was the studying of issues of refined solutions that present innovators apply in order to improve the aesthetic logic, focusing on the concepts and techniques used in plastic surgery.

helpful in the exploration of the individual issues concerning the available solutions were live operation presentations, including: an endoscopic eye brow lift along with a lift of the lower and upper eye lids, a lift/ enlargement (mastopexy) of the breast using fat tissue taken from the patient, a neck lift along with a correction of the ‘double chin’ region. In addition, this year’s symposium saw video presentations concerning details and key surgical and low invasive techniques in the formation of the space around the eye sockets using filler material of various densities. Traditionally, the Baker Gordon Plastic Surgery Symposium limited its span of topics, which allowed one to focus on the exchange of experiences and views between the hosts and the guests. The key aspect of this symposium always were live presentations held by masters in plastic surgery supported by theory, and this year’s meeting furthered the tradition of unique training in the area of plastic surgery.