International Face and Nose Anatomy Course ‘Beauty of the Face’, Verona, Italy

June 7th and 8th saw Verona hosting the International Face and Nose Anatomy Course „Beauty of the face”. The course was organised for 15 persons, the lecturers were: Dr Natale Gontijo de Amorim, Dr Riccardo Mazzola, Dr Gino Rigotti, Dr Enrico Robotti, Dr Andrea Sbarbati, Dr Peter Palhazi.

The course was composed of a theoretical and a practical part. Each of the participants was able to independently conduct cadaver exercises. Dr Peter Palhazi turned out to be an incredible lecturer; he showed us new anatomy of the nose, never described and yet studied by him. Why is this so important? Because, until now, nobody has found and described such new components of the anatomy of the nose, the knowledge of which has enormous influence on its functions and looks following an operation. I was able to spend an entire day with Dr Palhazi, who was eager to show, prepare and explain, and was keen to share his knowledge on new nose operations. This incredible young man, a passionate surgeon, inscribed his achievements in the history of plastic surgery. I believe that the enormity of knowledge on anatomy, face and nose surgery is so great that it awes on the one hand, and on the other – allows one to use and mix techniques in an almost limitless way. As usual, I recommend participation in such a meeting to all my colleagues.