5th Annual Meeting of the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe, Paris

Between September 8th and 10th of this year, in Versailles, the first international meeting took place of the rhinoplasty association.

This meeting was the first fusion of two associations: the Rhinoplasty Societies of the United States and of Europe, and was to be a very unique, very educational symposium that the specialisation of rhinoplasty has ever seen.

Two of the world’s largest organisations joined for the first time and gathered fifty of the most respected surgeon lecturers specialising in plastic surgery and facial surgery, surgeons from all over the globe – gathered in order to convey a spectacular programme. The organisation committee representing these two associations has broad experience in designing curricula for world-class symposia on rhinoplasty. It has used this experience in order to establish an all-round programme encompassing the best educational material composed of areas from the most basic to the most complicated techniques, taking into account ethnic differences. The advanced multimedia capabilities available at the symposium have enabled an unrivalled presentation of rhinoplasty techniques through the use of high-quality video and animations. The programme of the symposium has also stressed various opinions and practices. The agenda of the symposium also stressed various opinions and practices, and encouraged lively discussions between the lecturers and the participants.

The format of the congress was particularly attractive, thanks to interesting debates between 2-3 surgeons using different techniques to solve a single aspect, a problem within fundamental rhinoplasty and reconstructive rhinoplasty. Short presentations (up to five minutes) illustrated the technique of each lecturer, and they were rounded off by 10-minute debates of the members of the staff.

For those interested in rhinoplasty at any stage of their careers, this symposium was a unique opportunity to dive into the topic, a chance that might not repeat itself for years now. Irrespective of the location of the symposium, the sheer educational quality coupled with the experience gained made this conference into an event that simply could not be missed. The symposium took place in the Versailles palace, a place that is uniquely prestigious and fitting in perfectly with the significance of the conference.