8th International Plastic Aesthetic Surgery Course “Update in Aesthetic Surgery of the Face”

On May 24th-26th, 2013, in Salò at Lake Garda, the 8th International Plastic Aesthetic Surgery Course was organised ‘Update in Aesthetic Surgery of the Face’.

The congress, organised by Dr Giovanni Botti was dedicated to the newest methods, techniques of face and neck operations. The plastic surgeons attending the congress were able to participate daily in several face and neck operations taking place at the ‘Villa Bella’ Clinic headed by Dr Giovanni Botti.

The course topic were latest techniques of operations of upper and lower eye lids, together with operations of the temple and middle areas of the face. For such operations, it is very important to prepare the tissue very well. This method of conducting the treatments allows one to greatly improve the effect of the operations, without the necessity to operate on the entire face. The fat tissue is transplanted at the same time.

All cases of the operated patients were thoroughly analysed in terms of age, skin quality and operation capabilities. Risks of complications and the methods of handling them were also discussed on a continuous basis.

A part of the meeting was dedicated to the newest techniques and methods of operating on the entire face and neck. Dr Giovanni Botti and Dr Mario Pelle presented some of the most modern operation techniques that included fat transplants and muscle modelling. Particular attention was turned to the anatomy of the nerves, facial and neck muscles.

The significance of intelligent simultaneous usage of botox and hyaluronic acid was stressed. Criteria were discussed of the provision of fat or hyaluronic acid.

A low-invasion surgery method was shown to smooth out the horizontal wrinkles of the forehead, and a low-invasive method of lifting the tips of the mouth.