9th International Milano Masterclass biennale, Milan, Italy

The agenda of the 9th international Milano Masterclass biennale was prepared in a particular way, so that it would serve both newcomers as well as experienced surgeons.

While younger surgeons learned the basics of safe execution of treatments, older surgeons were able to refresh their ideas in critically significant areas. Between Friday, March 24th, and Tuesday, March 28th, world-class experts presented innovative techniques that expand upon the arsenal of available solutions to atypical challenges. Each day of learning and interaction was accompanied by the arena, used for the purpose of discussion of cases, for technique-focused lectures, duels of masters that represented different opinions on a given subject, crossfire panels, video sessions, selected abstract oral and video presentations as well as stunning discussions on controversial topics. Over the last 16 years, eight editions of the Milano Masterclasses saw the participation of close to four thousand guests from 87 countries. MiMa must certainly be grateful to perfection in education and the capacities to discover anew the format and objectives for its global success of MiMa. However, what makes MiMa such a truly unique event is the ‘good mood factor’ created thanks to the warm, Italian hospitality, great Italian cuisine served during coffee and lunch breaks, the extraordinary evening galas in the splendour of historic, Italian palazzi and the possibility of making new, international friendships in a nice, friendly atmosphere. Milan is a unique place, one can meet Pope Francis here, who at the same time was celebrating mass in Milan; one can meet master Leonardo Da Vinci and have lunch with ‘Super Mario’ Cipollini – the cycling champion of the world of 2002.