Bottis’ Best Breast. Gardone Riviera, Italy

This year’s key topic of the BBB Bottis’ Best Breast course was aesthetic breast surgery. The meeting lasted three days.

Every morning, a live treatment session was arranged, with the possibility of interaction between the onlookers and the operating surgeons. The afternoon sessions were dedicated entirely to lectures presentations, panels.

As always, together with the Villa Bella surgeons, well-known plastic surgeons from all over the world showed the course participants the newest achievements of their treatment techniques, sharing also their most recent discoveries, hints and tricks.

Discussion panels touched upon controversial topics, limitations related to techniques and procedures as well as complications and patient safety.

The guests of this year’s course were the best plastic surgeons in the world:

Giovanni Botti, Pietro Berrino (Genova, Italy), Elisabeth Hall Findlay (Banff, Canada), Dennis Hammond (Grand Rapids, United States), Ernst Magnus Noah (Kassel, Germany), Patrick Mallucci (London, UK), Alessandra Marchi (Verona, Italy), Mario Pelle Ceravolo (Rome, Italy), Gino Rigotti (Verona, Italy), Marzia Salgarello (Rome, Italy), Eric Santamaria (Mexico City, Mexico), Fabio Santanelli di Pompeo (Rome, Italy), Michael Scheflan (Tel Aviv, Israel), Marcos Sforza (London, UK), Patrick Tonnard (Gent, Belgium), Dennis von Heimburg (Frankfurt, Germany), Kotaro Yoshimura (Tokyo, Japan).

They explained to us the practices they use, beginning with the anatomy, through pathophysiology all the way to perfectly executed treatment. We spent three days with some of the best recognised masters of plastic surgery in the world.

The topics of the lectures were:

The most recent news concerning ALCL: Is it really a sore, or is it just pretending to be a problem?

Fat transplant: A commonly utilised procedure with uncertain results. What do world authorities have to say about this.

Clear explanations as to how to solve the most common complications related to breast surgery. News related to mastopexy and breast reduction, both using implants as well as without them.