Congress on problems related to breast implants – the Gardone Riviera, Italy

On September 15th-17th, a congress took place in Gardone on contemporary problems related to breast implants.

The meeting was divided into two parts. The first part dealt with lectures concerning new breast implants that emerged two years ago. During the lectures, the advantages of silicone gel and the implant coatings were presented, with particular focus on the size of the silicone particles. Over the course of two years, twelve thousand implants were implanted, with no complications recorded, and not a single case of connective tissue pouch.

The lectures were held by scientists from the laboratory of the company manufacturing these implants.

The second part was dedicated to topics concerned with immunology and bacteriology of the pouch, into which the implant is placed. Uniquely interesting studies have been conducted in the United States and Europe for eight years now. The knowledge that was conveyed to participants of the congress is uniquely valuable and greatly expands upon the options of action available to plastic surgeons. The lecturers were: