Course on low-invasive treatments of the face, Milan, Italy

The Milan-based G. Sanvenero Rosselli foundation headed by prof. Riccardo Mazzola organised this time a course dedicated to low-invasive face treatments.

Skin rejuvenation using microfat, SNIF and nanofat techniques as well as minimum invasive treatments. The 61st practical and theoretical course with live treatments. Ageing is one of the fundamental issues in contemporary society. Rejuvenation techniques for the face that are the subject of this course improve the final effect of the treatment as well as its durability, while reducing its drawbacks. The present trend in treatments entails the use of less invasive procedures with a lower number of cuts so as to achieve natural effects. The topic of the course was the adaptation of the volume of the central part of the face with the aid of various types of fat transplants (microfat, SNIF, emulsion, SNIE, ultra-nano) along with peripheral rejuvenation by way of facelifting that is as minimally-invasive as possible, related to the SMAS Flap. Dr Serra Renom, a special guest of the course, stressed just how important safety ins in the treatment of such patients.