Gynecology specialist

In 1984 – graduated from the Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin, Faculty of Medicine
In 1989 he passed the state examination with the title of specialist degree in the field of gynecology-obstetrics
In 1992 he passed the state exams, obtaining the title of II the degree specialist in the field of obstetrics gynecology-obstetrics
In 2003 he received the title of Doctor of Medicine- thesis title “Comparison of the effect of hormone replacement therapy, oral and percutaneous, on liver function in terms of lidocaine test”
He gained experience working in the gynecological – obstetrics department of the Municipal Hospital (formerly Railway Hospital) in Szczecin, then in the Department of Maternal – Fetal Medicine – PAM and SPSZOZ “Zdroje”.

Since 2012 he has been collaborating with the Aesthetic Med Clinic.

Since 2013 he has been attending 3-year post-graduate studies organized by the Polish Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging Society in Warsaw.

He is constantly expanding his skills in numerous courses and training in the field of gynecological surgery, diagnosis and prevention of gynecological diseases, ultrasound and aesthetic gynecology.
He is a member of the Polish Gynecological Society and the Polish Society of Esthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging
Thrice elected for the Regional Medical Council in Szczecin.
Consultation before and after surgery
Modern contraception
Hormone replacement therapy
Cervical cancer-HPV vaccination, liquid cytology
Diagnosis and treatment of bacterial infections of the vagina
Plastic surgery of the labia (labiaplasty)
Plastic surgery (correction) of the vagina
Crotch plastic surgery (postpartum recovery operations)
Hymen plastics
Pubic liposuction
Stress-induced urinary incontinence surgery (after prior urodynamics)
Hysterectomy with or without oophorectomy

Clinic has won the rankings twice and became the best plastic surgery clinic in Poland. During the 29 years of existence of the clinic, over 25,000 operations were carried out.