The Annual Villa Bella Clinic Aesthetic Symposium, Gardone Riviera-Salò

In Salò, at the Gardone Riviera, a conference took place on May 26th-28th, 2017, organised by Giovanni Botti and his daughter Tochter Chiara. Salò, where Dr Botti’s clinic is located, is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

This year’s meeting from the Annual Villa Bella Clinic Aesthetic Symposium series concerned itself with all modifications and operation options of the face. This was already the 13th conference from the series. The majority of the participants in past meetings remains of the opinion that the symposia are excellent. One of the greatest attractions of the course are live operations. Every day, from the very morning, several operations took place; they were explained in detail thanks to the possibility of interaction between the onlookers and the operating ward.

The guests of Giovanni and Chiara Botti were the best plastic surgeons of the world: Pietro Berinno, Antonio Cella, Nuri Celik, Ruth Graf, Raul Gonzales, Philippe Kestemont, Claude Le Louarn, Bill Little, Tim Marten, Mario Pelle Ceravolo, Giovanni Salti and Anthony Wolfe. Beside the fact that the guests are excellent surgeons, they are also specialists in anatomy. Naturally, thorough knowledge of anatomy is fundamental for the execution of a perfect treatment. Hence, the speakers explained their techniques from the point of view of anatomy, pathophysiology, all the way to proper pharmaceutical care. Diverse operations were presented both in theory as well as in practice, with the use of video recordings and live operations. All speakers did their best to provide the guests with a range of practical hints to make the perfect facial rejuvenation operation. Three days among the most eminent masters of plastic surgery. The live operations were transmitted from the Villa Bella Clinic to the Grand Hotel auditorium. Over the course of two days before the congress, one could take part in sculpture classes for surgeons, headed by Italian sculptress Rita Siragusa. It was the perfect opportunity to better learn to understand the volume, proportions and shape of various portions of the face.