The challenges that a surgeon faces during nose operations

Dr Giovanni Botti, together with his daughter, Chiara Botti, organised the second edition of “The Big Challenge – The War of the Noses”, an innovative Congress on Rhinoplasty.

Plastic operations of the nose are exceedingly difficult, yet at the same time – fascinating. There are supporters of open-type nose operations, and there are supporters for closed-type nose operations. The organisers of the Congress concluded that the two different views will be the perfect way to provoke a discussion on which method is better. Over two days, eight patients were operated on – four pairs of very similar cases. Each of the surgeons defended their concept of the operation. How to pick the operation method to suit the case and the specific patient.

Both the first and the second method has its advantages and disadvantages. This is exactly what the lectures and discussions focused on. Every surgeon willing to undertake a nose operation analyses the patient in the right way and picks the relevant method.

The Congress was friendly, as its objective was an exchange of views, methods, and learning from each other.

The Congress took place at the Grand Hotel Gardone, between the 21st and the 23rd of September of this year.