Fat Dissolution

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Lipolysis is a therapy based on fat dissolution. It involves injecting the subcutaneous adipose tissue with a product composed of phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholic acid. This preparation dissolves the fat and results in atrophy of fat cells in the injected area. Lipolysis should not be regarded as a slimming treatment. It is a method for liquidation of relatively small deposits of fat that are not affected by diet or physical exercise. This is not a method of weight loss or an obesity treatment. It cannot be considered as a replacement method for liposuction of large areas of the body.

The treatment takes from a few to several minutes. Before surgery, during a consultation, the surgeon determines the patients’ body area that will be subjected to lipolysis. Next, the area is subjected to injections of a phosphatidylcholine preparation. Depending on the patient’s preference, it is allowable to use anesthetic skin creams.

Immediately after surgery, the injected area may suffer redness, swelling, muscle aches or hematomas. These symptoms last for up to several days and then disappear. The dissolution process of adipose tissue progresses steadily; the best effects appear after a period of 6 – 8 weeks.

For optimal effect, it is generally recommended to repeat the procedure 2 – 4 times, at intervals of 6 to 8 weeks.

With the help of lipolysis, fat can be removed from the following body parts:

• face: double chin, so-called “hamsters”,
• lower limbs: breeches, the inner thighs, the buttocks area, the knees,
• hips,
• upper and lower abdomen,
• arms,
• the back area,
• lipomas in various areas.

Lipolysis is also used to reduce thigh cellulite.
Lipolysis cannot replace volume liposuction treatments.

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