Body Contouring, Milan

Dr Riccardo Mazzola had for years organised in Milan very valuable single-day meetings concerned with operations in the area of modern plastic surgery.

Each meeting deals with only a single topic, and the invited guest is the best specialist in the field being the topic.

The conference is always composed of several parts. The first part are live operations, followed by video sessions and round-table talks. Over the course of several years, the best surgeons in the world were presented, the most modern operations were shown. The topic of the last meeting were treatments in the area of bariatric surgery, meaning, operations on patients who were significantly overweight.

The shaping of the body has the purpose of modification of various parts of the body following significant weight loss. This refers to a series of procedures designed to reduce the excess volume of flat skin and fat in people who were formerly obese. The live operations showed brachioplasty, internal and horizontal lifting of the upper legs, horizontal lifting of the buttocks, abdominoplasty and circumferential body shaping.

Particular attention was given to the anatomy of the lymphatic system, to anatomy of the skin and subcutaneous tissue as well as the tension level of the named tissues. The lecturer was the famed French plastic surgeon, creator of the French school of postbariatric surgery, Dr Claude Le Louarn, student of Paul Tessier and Claude Dufourmental, head of the SOFCEP (the French Plastic Surgery Association).