CATTBAS III – Brussels

Controversies, Art and Technology in Breast and Bodycontouring Aesthetic Surgery – CATBBAS Following the success of the second edition of the international CATBBAS meeting in Brussels in June of 2014, focusing on aesthetic surgery of the breast and body contouring using live modern treatments and HD-3D technology, Brussels saw the CATBBAS III meeting take place between 30.09. and 02.10.2016.

The head of the meeting, prof. Dr Moustapha Hamdi, along with his team from the Brussels university hospital and from the Gent Coupure centre with leading surgeons, Dr Patrick Tonnard and Dr Alexis Verpaele, once again collected world pioneers in the area of breast surgery and body contouring.

The meetings took place in the wonderful rooms of the Le Plaza hotel. The Le Plaza of Brussels is a secessionist palace built in the years 1928-1931, and was designed by renowned Swiss architects, Alfred Hoch and Michel Polak. Inspired by the Hotel George V of Paris, the Le Plaza remains a lasting source of awe. Its unique theatre, originally a movie theatre named just Le Plaza seats a stunning 1300 guests. Since 1922, the hall and the lobby are inscribed in the list of Belgian national heritage thanks to their architecture and design. This was also a unique occasion to see Brussels, the heart of Europe, with its golden market square, narrow, mediaeval streets, old antiquarian stores, well-known restaurants as well as famous Art Deco and modern art museums.