Pre-operation tests

Depending on the age and general health of the patient, they will be asked before being admitted to make routine blood and heart tests (blood test, ionogram, APTT, ECG, x-ray image of the chest and breast sonogram). The patient is able to ask questions that come to her mind during the consultation or that would cause her any kind of doubts.

Operation confirmation

The surgeon will present available operation dates. When planning an operation, keep in mind that, in case of women, it should be planned to fall within two weeks after the last menstrual bleeding, reducing the risk of post-operation complications. The reservation is deemed as guaranteed at the prepayment of 10% of the operation value.

Before the operation

For two weeks before the operation, avoid taking medicine with acetylosalicylic acid as this would increase the risk of bleeding during the operation. For 30 days before the operation, the patient may also be asked to stop taking contraceptive pills or hormone replacement therapy pills. The physician should be able to advise the patient appropriately in this regard.

Smoking patients should for six weeks before the operation forgo smoking, as smoking reduces the volume of oxygen in the blood and may significantly increase the risk of complications following surgery.

Care following the operation

The experienced, specialised medical personnel ensures for the Patients suitable care during their stay.

Every patient remains at the hospital at least 24 hours following treatment. The maximum hospital stay period is five days and depends on the breadth and level of complexity of the operation.

After treatment, the patients remain under medical observation in fully monitored post-operation rooms. On the next day, they move to the hotel section where they remain until they depart from the clinic. There, comfortable two-person rooms with television sets are provided.

Before leaving for home, the patient shall be checked on again by a surgeon and nurse. The stitches should be removed 7-10 days after the operation.

The patient receives an information sheet and description of the implants: the manufacturer, style, catalogue and batch/ batch no. This information should be retained at a safe location.

We once again point out that a patient in this condition is not able to drive by themselves. In case of any doubts on the matter please contact the team of Aesthetic Med.

Preparing for the operation

On the day of operation, the patient is admitted into the hospital. Eating and drinking is forbidden for six hours ahead of the operation; this applies to chewing gum as well.

On the day of the operation, it is very important to notify the surgeon, anaesthesiologist and nurse about any prescription or OTC medicine taken, including any possible drugs that are taken.

The return home should be arranged so that somebody would be able to pick the patient up; a post-op patient certainly cannot drive a car themselves.

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