ISAPS Symposium – What’s New in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Florence

On March 17th in Florence, a symposium of ISAPS took place concerning news in plastic surgery. The symposium was made up of several sessions.

The first session concerned itself with operations of breasts. Discussed were the modes of simultaneous enlargement of breasts along with their suspension. Handled were problems and strategies of operations, complications and the possibility of their removal. One of the topics were secondary operations entailing inspections of the glands and the points of implantation of the implants. A further topic was breast enlargement surgery in a situation of breast cage deformations. New criteria were described of the measurement and choice of the pouch under the breast muscles. Discussed were the modes of operation of tubular breasts and complications following these types of operations.

The next session dealt with operations of the face – discussed were strategies of procedure in operations of the face and neck, the role of the fat autotransplantation in face operations. An important topic of the session were operations of eyelids. The lecturers provided advice as to how to avoid complications in eyelid operations and how to perform reconstructive surgery following failed treatments.

The last session concerned aesthetic medicine with particular attention to the usage of hyaluronic acids, numerous complications in the form of blood vessel blockage due to the introduction of hyaluronic acid into soft tissue. In course of the lecture, Dr Delorenzi from Canada described grave cases of blood vessel blockage, he showed and explained the newest modes of procedure with patients. He stressed that the leading factors in this regard are time and doses of the drug that must be introduced to the blockage point. Last year, in Canada, at the clinic of Dr Delorenzi, such treatment was used by over 400 patients. The newest method published by Dr Delorenzi is uniquely effective; in emergency cases, it can save the patients’ image, and in grave cases it can also save their lives.

The International Society of Plastic Surgery, ISAPS, takes its members from among plastic surgeons from all over the world. Any doctor who is a member of the society can participate in meetings, congresses and exercises organised all over the world. One does not need special invitations for one, two or several plastic surgeons. The knowledge is generally available and all members feel distinguished by the participation in the meetings. This symposium was attended by two Polish plastic surgeons, one of them was Dr Andrzej Dmytrzak.