Breast lift

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What if you could see the new you before the plastic surgery?

Crisalix was formed in the year 2009. The mission of the company and the programme is to obtain a visualisation of your perfect body by offering 3D simulations for each aesthetic and plastic procedure on the basis of standard 2D photographs.

Crisalix lets plastic surgeons from over 100 countries obtain a 3D simulation of breast enlargement, rhinoplasty, lifting and many others.

The software for visualising post-operation effects will help you and your surgeon precisely describe expectations and possibilities during a consultation.

Discover what you could look like after cosmetic treatment and plastic surgery.

Are you thinking, what you could look like after breast enlargement surgery?

The first interactive software for 3D simulations of breast enlargement, rhinoplasty and many other treatments.

Possibility to see and analyse effects of the simulation during a visit at a medical practice, and… in peace at home.

Three photographs, three simple steps! Unlimited number of simulations!

– simulations of realistic expectations based on your own body

– even better communication with your doctor

– active participation in the consultation

– broad variety and comparison of implant shapes and sizes

– more certainty and trust in the result of the operation

Consultations on Mondays from 14.
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M.D. Ph.D. Andrzej Dmytrzak
Specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery
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