Facial surgery

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Face loses its firmness through the whole length of aging process. Subtle wrinkles that appear around lips ,eyes, cheeks and neck become deeper. Sun, stress, alcohol and inappropriate nutrition can speed up this process.

We can differentiate partial or full facial surgeries e.g. brow lift, upper/lower eyelid correction, partial and complete face lift (sometimes together with forehead lift).



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M.D. Ph.D. Andrzej Dmytrzak
Specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery

This surgery is based on removing an excess skin as well as lifting of facial muscles and neck muscles.
In addition, a layer of fat is removed. All of that is performed according to „Composite Rhytidectomy” method by S.T.Hamra (SMAS – lifting).



After this surgery, a patient may count on 5 – 10 years younger look. A patient keeps his/her natural ability of movement and his/her natural, little wrinkles. An effect of a mask has to be avoided.
The result holds up to 5 – 10 years depending on patients way of life. Next operation will be possible at least 5 years later.

The incision runs directly behind an ear , mainly through the pilosed head line. Thanks to that, the scars are barely visible. Hair is not shaved, place where the incision is planned, hair is combed on both sides and shortened a little.

Standard lifting should be differentiated from a full face lifting which includes parts of forehead, eyelids correction and mini/smooth lifting which is basically a lifting of middle face parts.

Regardless of the kind of face lifting, this surgery is performed under general anesthesia and requires 3 – 5 days stay in the clinic. It is recommended not to leave the city to prevent such complications as bleeding. Early spotted it can be easily cured. Swellings appear on 4th day after the surgery. All those inconveniences pass in the next 2 – 3 weeks. After 2 months every unwanted signs of the surgery disappear completely.
During surgery complications: hard bleeding, nerve damage (weakening or paralysis of facial muscles).
Postsurgical complications: bleeding, weakened feeling, feeling of stretching as well as change pf hairline, disturbance in scar forming process.


Starting from day 5 (till day 7) first, front stitches are removed. On day 14 back stitches should be removed (hairline).
While your stay in the clinic a treatment with a use of light is applied or massages on places where drainages were placed. This kind of treatment makes the healing process easier.
Patients should avoid sun/solarium for the next 8 weeks.
Smokers have to stop smoking at least a month before and are not allowed to smoke for the next 4 weeks after the surgery. Skin needs oxygen.

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