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Liposuction is an operation that allows to remove the excess fat from chosen body parts. Liposuction is not a method of slimming, cannot replace diet and sport. It only allows to form the body. Reducing body mass is not a liposuction’s task. This surgery helps changing proportions and shape. A surgeon removes an excess fat from the chosen body parts leaving only 1cm thick layer of fat underneath patient’s skin.
We use the vibrating method and the most advanced equipment, The probes used in our clinic are of 3mm diameter.
While being consulted, a surgeon marks precisely all the parts that are planned to be reshaped. The most often operated areas for women are : stomach, hips, waste, inner and outer thighs, inside of knees, arms and chin. For men these are: stomach, chest (false gynecomastia). Before the surgery we administer antibiotic and antithrombotic prophylaxis. The surgery lasts 2 – 3 hours. It is performed under general anesthesia or extradural.

Right after the operation a patients wear a special pressing clothing that makes the skin in the treated area constrict properly and reduces swellings. That clothing has to worn for three weeks 24 hours a day and the following three, 12 hours a day. The next day after the liposuction a patient undergoes a lymph drainage. This kind of massage is recommended for at least 15 days, daily.
A couple of days after the surgery a patient may still be swollen and bruised. During the next couple days of even weeks all the swellings and bruises will be coming off.
Directly after this procedure patient may expect 30% of the final result. After 3 – 4 months a patient will most probably see the final results of the operation. For the next couple of days a patient may feel some discomfort connected with the surgery, but they are gone after taking oral painkillers. For whole four weeks any strenuous activities are forbidden. For six weeks a patient must give up solarium. The stitches are removed after 6 – 8 days. Returning to work is possible after two or more days depending on its extensiveness.

Obligatory preoperative tests:
morphology, coagulability of blood, general urinalysis, cholesterol level


It happens very often that patients overestimate this procedure. It is used on abnormally fat areas like stomach, hips, thighs, double chin.

Liposuction is generally performed under perineutral anesthesia in addition to a deep sedation. A general anesthesia is also possible.
Liposuction is divided into 3 phases.
1. areas being prepared for operation are injected with physiological saline solution .
2. Using Lipomatic or Micro – Air apparatus fat cells are resolved and become a thick fluid together with the solution injected while the first phase
3. this fluid is sucked through a probe


The probe is inserted into the layer of fat through a little incision (0,3 cm) which is made in such places, where the little scars (afterwards) will not be disturbing e.g. pilosed skin area, bellybutton or natural body folds. Those incisions are generally sewn with one stitch only. All the stitches are removed between 7th and 10th day after the surgery. On a second day after the surgery , in the liposucked areas ,swellings may appear. As well as fever. In the next couple of days the temperature goes back to its proper level.

The risk of complications caused by thrombosis or congestion appears in the first 78 hours after surgery. The symptoms are clear. To prevent this and decrease its scale patients are given (during the operation and while staying in the clinic) a substance containing heparin.

Removing to much fat might cause unevenness. Because, after liposuction , between skin and the underneath layers, creates lots of loose space, it is necessary to wear a tight ,shaping wound dressing like corset shorts or elastic tights. They have to be worn for the next six weeks. 24/7 for the first three weeks, and 10-12/7 (e.g. at night) last three.
It is the care after the surgery that decides what the effect will be and it is lieing in your hands. 10 – 20 lymphatic drain massages , performed every day or every second day, are essential. You will be persuaded about that in our clinic. You will be instructed how it should be performed properly by our masseur. 1 hour is a cost of 100 zł.

After liposuction a patient is advised to move a lot and to take up sport. A change of eating habits is recommended because your body will remorselessly deposit the fat in other body parts.
Metabolism can be supported by fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as drinking at least 1 liter of water daily. For the next 8 weeks a patient should avoid strong sun and solarium. Sauna is also unrecommended. Because of swelling and the injected liquid the result is not always visible immediately.
After 3 weeks: 20 – 25%
after 6 weeks: 50 – 55%
after 12 weeks: 90 – 95%

In this way the whole process ends up after about three months and may change a little bit only. The fat cells do not reconstruct which means that they cannot be rebuild or grow back. There are, on the other hand, 10 – 15% of inactive fat cells in every human body. This is the reason why in some cases a thin fat layer appears. This situation is being falsely interpreted as „growing back”.
A surgeon leaves a thin layer of fat for protective reasons, to avoid injuries while sucking the fat out from the body.

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M.D. Ph.D. Andrzej Dmytrzak
Specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery
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